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. Bachelor of Business Administration was started in the year 1996. The program is designed to broaden the knowledge in all the functional aspects of a business, their interconnections and equipping oneself with core business skills such as human resource, finance, accounting, economics and production.

. It kindles the budding women entrepreneurs to grasp skills and educate them with the core business attributes that will assist them to diversify their administration and managing abilities. The program also focuses on enhancing the students with the essential soft skills and global perspectives of business. To move a step ahead, in 2020 B.Com Banking Management was introduced. It aims at developing professionals, who can administer various banking and financial sectors. Students are acquaint with continuous learning process through internships, market surveys and intensive training sessions. Several workshops, seminars, conferences, intercollegiate, college bazaar, field trips and industrial visits are conducted to make the students experience the real time needs and enrich their skills.


            Our vision is to generate prominent leaders by transmitting ample knowledge in managerial skills and business administration to create a sturdy tomorrow.


  • To foster managerial skills through innovative programs and real time experience.
  • To enhance teaching learning process and widen their practical experiences in administration
  • To seed the value of business and entrepreneurship through advance reasoning and management.