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S. No Date Activity Chief Guest Beneficiaries
1. 10.08.2015


Entrepreneurship Development Programme


“Interaction with successful Entrepreneur”

1.      Mr.B.Ramachandran, Secretary, Proprietor, Sri Ramachandra Mills, NSCET, Theni.

2.      Mr.A.S.R.Maheswaran, Secretary, Entrepreneur Annai Agro & Dairy Farms, NSCAS, Theni.

Total – 130

II M.Sc. Microbiology – 18

II M.Sc. (CS & IT) – 12

II M.A. English – 21

III MCA – 15

II M.Sc. Mathematics – 20

II M.Sc. Chemistry – 8

II MBA – 20

II M.Com. – 5

II M.Com (CA) – 11

Faculty Members -10

“How to become a Successful Entrepreneur” Dr.S.Chitra, Principal, NSCAS, Theni.
“Interation with successful Entrepreneur” Mrs.Sagunthala Mohandass, Proprietor, Sri Lakshmi Gas, Theni.
2. 10.08.2015


Entrepreneurship Development Programme


“Loan facilities available for entrepreneurs from banks” Mr.R.Chandrasegaran, Lead Bank District Manager Canara Bank, Theni.
3. “Business Plan” Mr.K.Sakthivel, Founder & CEO, Rainstock Tech and Consultants Pvt Ltd., Madurai.
4. 10.08.2015


Entrepreneurship Development Programme


“Role of NSME for Entrepreneur Development” Mr.Chandraprabu, A.D., MSME., DI., Chennai
5. “Financial Assistance for new Entrepreneur” Mr.V.Ekambaram, Branch Manager TIIC, Dindigul.
6. “Government Assistance to First Generation Entrepreneur” Mr.L.S.Ramasubramanian, General Manager District Industrial Centre (DIC), Theni.
7. “Interaction with successful Entrepreneur” Mrs.R.G. Anuradha Proprietor, RG Driving School, Theni.
8. “Interaction with Successful Entrepreneur” Mrs.S.Chitra, Proprietor, R.N.Stitching Unit, Theni.
9. Field Trip Naga Phytochems Pvt Ltd, Periyakulam Road Theni.
10. “Market Survey” Mrs.Susheela Sankar, Vice Principal, Head i/c Department of Management Studies, NSCAS, Theni.
11. 10.08.2015


Entrepreneurship Development Programme


“Consumer Product Preparation” Mrs.M.Devi Meenakshi, Head, Department of Chemistry, NSCAS, Theni.
12. “Management concept on Entrepreneurial Development” (video Class) and Management Games” Mrs.J.Malarvizhi, Lecturer, Department of Management Studies, NSCAS, Theni.


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