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Department of History


  • Department of History was established in the year 2018 with the main objective of knowing and understanding significant aspects of the history of the wider world; the nature of ancient civilizations. History as a discipline is a dynamic and growing field, in India and outside. Under graduate courses in history at the Nadar Saraswathi College of Arts & Science for women introduce students to exciting work being done around a range of themes. There by we were able to restore the history and status of women belonging to various
    communities / various field of Tamilnadu. Apart from the academic excellence, the students
    of History have brought many laurels to the department and College. The Programme inculcates receptivity to modern methodological approaches and exposes students to a stimulating and cooperative intellectual atmosphere and a wide range of research resources. Field Visits and Exhibitions are undertaken in order to understand aspects of history, especially history of Art & Architecture, Monuments and Objects.  We believe that these methodologies enable our students to analyze diverse sources and communicate their ideas effectively.  All of these tie in with the key drivers of Global Learning. To bring these objectives into reality by organizing 12 Guest Lectures, 1 Seminars, 5 Industrial Visits, 2 MoUs with other reputed organizations, and also many association activities.


      To Educate Students in inculcating leadership, Political, Social and Economic responsibility by providing historical understanding of the World Culture.


  • To impact the political knowledge of the Civic era.
  • To provide equate training to face any competitive exams.
  • To make them understand the rights and duties of each citizens in today itself.
  • To teach the previous values remarkable of our ancestor.
  • To in Corporate today’s technology in imbibing years