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Election Commission of India is to encourage young and upcoming voters to eagerly participate in election to know their strength of vote. This club is mainly to teach students and the general public about the importance of voting. The goal of the Electoral Literacy Club is to engage school children, college student, and residents of rural communities in engaging activities that will help them to become more aware of their voting rights and comfortable with the registration and voting processes.

 Objectives of the club

  • To sensitize the student community about democratic rights and the power of their vote in election to have their unique decision.
  • To create awareness and interest among facilities and students about the power of one vote.
  • To encourage critical thought about issues relating to voting rights, democracies, and their procedures.
  • To make it easier for its eligible members who haven’t already registered to vote to do so.
  • To promote awareness of ‘Right to vote’ among students, faculty members and community at large.
  • To promote educated, ethical voting and uphold the values of “Every vote counts” and “No Voter to be Left Behind,” as well as to foster a culture of political participation.