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Department of Maths


The world of education without Mathematics would be non-existent. The department of Mathematics is dedicated to impart high quality education in Mathematics to the undergraduate students for helping them to solve challenging problems by using mathematical theories and models. Along with the teaching responsibilities, the faculty members are actively involved in research.

Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thought and logic, and integral to attempts at understanding the world and ourselves. Mathematics provides an effective way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor.

A career in Mathematics today has a lot of options. In many fields such as Social Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Natural science, etc. Mathematics is considered as a significant tool. It is used for solving business problems, scientific problems, and economic problem.

UG – Courses Offered:

B.Sc., (Mathematics) 3 years – Eligibility : A pass in +2 with Maths (OR) Equivalent

PG – Courses Offered:

M.Sc., (Mathematics) 2 years – Eligibility : A degree of Mathematics (OR)  Equivalent


Our Vision is to assist students in acquiring a conceptual understanding of the nature and structure of mathematics, its processes and its applications.


  • To graduate qualified cadres who are equipped with insight and research skills in the field of mathematics.
  • To provide mathematical experiences, exploring and learning opportunities and relevant applications in the study and understanding of quantities.