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                                 NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME

S. No Date Activity Venue
1.        09.06.2016 Anti-Child Labour Day

All Non-Teaching Staff members took pledge

In front of Saraswathi Statue, NSCAS, Theni.
2.        15.07.2016 Blood Donation Camp organized for 114th Kamarajar’s Birthday Celebration.

Blood Donors:

10 Students and 2 Staff Members

Nadar Saraswathi Boys Higher Secondary School, Theni.
3.        18.07.2016 Cleaning work at Kammai Chinnakulam Kammai, Allinagaram, Theni.
4.        12.08.2016 Awareness Programme on “AIDS”. Jeevan Jyothi Hospice, Theni.
5.        12.08.2016 Orientation Programme on “Let’s Start to be Socially Responsible”.

Chief Guest

Mr.S.Raju. M.A. (Economics)., M.A. (History)., Former NSS Programme Coordinator, Madurai Kamaraj University.

Multimedia Lab, NSCAS, Theni.
6.        12.08.2016 World Population Day Celebration by organizing “Exhibition”.

Chief Guest

Mr.S.Raju. M.A. (Economics)., M.A. (History)., Former NSS Programme Coordinator, Madurai Kamaraj University.

A12, A13 Hall, NSCAS, Theni.
7.        15.08.2016 Independence Day Celebration

·         Flag Hoisted by Mr.T.Rajamohan, B.Sc., General Secretary, NSCAS, Theni.

·         31 Students were participated in Independence Day Parade Celebration by Theni Collectorate.

NSCAS, Theni.


SDAT Stadium, Theni.

8.        22.08.2016 First Aid Training Programme

Chief Guest:

Mr.Clement Benebent Raj, MA., B.Ed.,

First Aid Lecturer, St.John Ambulance, Madurai.

Kamarajar Arangam, NSCAS, Theni.
9.        22.08.2016 Displayed Short Film on “Neer Indri Amaiyathu Ulagu”. Saraswathi Hall, NSCAS, Theni.
10.    24.08.2016 Field Visit – ICTC Theni Medical College Hospital, Kanavellakku, Theni.
11.    03.09.2016 District Library Cleaning Theni District Library, Theni.
12.    08.09.2016 International White Cane Day

·         Donated Rs.21,000/- to the Indian Association for the Blind.

NSCAS, Theni.
13.    15.10.2016 Youth Awakening Day Celebration

·         Essay Writing, Verse Writing and Drawing Competitions were conducted.

NSCAS, Theni.
14.    31.10.2016 National Unity Day Celebration

·         Oath was taken by the students.

15.    04.11.2016 Vigilance Awareness  Week

Ø  Slogan Contest Competition was conducted.

16.    01.12.2016 World AIDS Day Celebration

·         Human Chain Programme at Vadapudupatti.

NSCAS to Vadapudupatti, Theni.
17.    02.12.2016 Constitution Day – Open Book Contest NSCAS Library, Theni.
18.    22.12.2016 Field Visit – Jeevan Jyothi Hospice Jeevan Jyothi Hospice, Kailasapatti, Theni.
19.    11.01.2017 – 17.01.2017 Road Safety Week Celebration

·         Slogan Writing, Oratorical and Essay Writing competitions were conducted.

NSCAS, Theni.
20.    25.01.2017 National Voters Day

·         Oath was taken by the students

NSCAS, Theni.
21.    26.01.2017 Republic Day Celebration

·         Republic Day Flag hoisted by Mr.C.Kaliraj, Joint Secretary, NSCAS, Theni.

22.    30.01.2017 Dengue Awareness Programme

·         Chart display for dengue awareness.

NSCAS, Theni.
23.    09.02.2017 Blood Donation – Kulasekar Clinic

13 Students and 3 Faculty Members

Kulasekar Clinic, Theni.
24.    18.02.2017 National Level Training Programme on “Disaster Management”.

Chief Guest:

Mr.G.Arumugam, M.Com., M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil., DDM., Training Officer, South Range, Tamilnadu National Disaster Management Authority (Govt. of India) New Delhi.

Kamarajar Arangam, NSCAS, Theni.
25.    23.02.2017 Voluntary Blood Donors Registration Campaign jointly in hands with District AIDS Prevention & Control Unit, Theni.

Chief Guest:

Mr.K.Vairavan, MSW., M.Phil., District Programme Officer, District AIDS Prevention & Control Unit, Theni.

Saraswathi Hall, NSCAS, Theni.
26.    06.03.2017 Expo on Plastic Reduce, Reuse and Recycle NSCAS, Theni