Rules and Regulations


  • Students should attend the classes regularly.
  • Students should come in decent dress like Chudidhar with Thuppatta.
  • Students shall enter the class on time and late-comers will lose attendance. However they will be allowed to attend the classes with the permission of the HOD.
  • Students should have 75% of attendance in every semester otherwise students are not eligible to write the examinations.
  • Students shall not make noise while entering or leaving the class rooms.
  • The first hour of each day will start with silent prayer.
  • Students are expected to give due respect to teachers when they enter the class rooms.
  • Loitering and making noise in the corridors during class hours must be avoided.
  • Equal interest should be extended to Curricular, Co-curricular and Extra Curricular activities
  • Selection of Special Courses should be specified at the beginning of each semester.
  • Special Courses are arranged for all round development of the Student. So, attending the special courses should be regular.
  • ID card is Compulsory to all the students within the campus as well as in the college bus.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited.
  • Usage of Cell Phones and Cameras are strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  • It is advised not to wear costly golden jewels while coming to College and also during college functions.
  • It is the responsibility of the Students to take care of their belongings. It is not advisable to keep large sum of money in the classrooms.
  • Lunch should be taken only in the Student Dining Hall.
  • The rules of the canteen should be strictly followed during the purchase.
  • College fee, Bus fee and University Examination fees should be paid in time. If they fail to pay within the stipulated time, fine amount will be collected along with the fee.
  • No visitor (Friend or Family members) is allowed to meet the student during class hours without the permission of the HOD or Principal.
  • Students are allowed to go on tours/one day trips only with the permission from the parents, the HOD and the Principal.
  • Sanitary rules should be followed while using the toilets.
  • At the time of meetings/functions in the College a well-disciplined behavior should be followed.
  • Properties of the College should not be damaged. If any damages are found, Students are responsible for the compensation.
  • Any problem or grievance faced by the Student may be represented to the Teacher / Principal and solution will be given by counseling/any monitory help.


  • To avail a leave, a leave letter should be submitted with the signature of the parent. If the student is found absent, disciplinary action will be taken.  
  • If leave is needed for more than two days, prior permission for leave should be obtained from the Principal in person.
  • Extension of leave during functional holidays is strictly prohibited. So, Parents are not permitted to meet the Principal regarding this matter.
  • Students should have 75% of attendance in every semester; otherwise students are not eligible to write the internal & external Examination.


  • Attending the Internal Exam and Model Exam are compulsory. Leave letters or excuse letter will not be encouraged on any account.
  • During the Examination, students should bring their own pen, pencil, calculator etc.  Borrowing the materials from others is strictly prohibited.
  • The Students found indulging in any malpractices like coping, consulting; bringing bits, exchanging sheets will be dismissed immediately without consideration.
  • Students without Hall Ticket and Identity Card shall not be allowed to enter University Examination hall. They can obtain a dummy hall ticket and Identity Card by paying a penalty of Rs.500/-.
  • All the candidates irrespective of the marks secured in the University Examinations can apply for Revaluation. The student has to apply for revaluation with a fee of Rs225/- per script onor before the last date for revaluation.
  • Student should take care of the arrear examinations. They are responsible for seeking the correct time table.


  • The library is kept open from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm on all working days.
  • Strict silence should be maintained inside the library.
  • Users must keep their bags / belongings (other than valuables) at the property counter before entering the library.
  • On any account, bags and own copies of book materials should not be brought inside the library.
  • Users must enter in the library e-gate entry kept at the entrance while entry / exit to record their entry through their ID card.
  • Since the bar coding transaction is done for the book materials, the students are asked to bring their ID card without fail.
  • Newspapers should be read only outside in the veranda of the library.
  • Book should be returned on or before the last date marked or a fine of Rs.1/- will be charged for each day.
  • If any pages of the books & Journals are missing, the person concerned should pay fine.
  • If the books taken in a good condition are returned in a damaged manner, they should pay the fine amount without delay.
  • Issue, return and renewal of the books are done only through the library counter.
  • Marking with either pen or pencil in the library books should strictly be avoided.
  • If any book / journal are brought out of the library without proper entry serious action will be taken.
  • Misplacement of books in the different shelves is punishable.
  • Users should leave the books on the tables after reading.
  • No due certificate will be issued by the librarian only after the submission of library books, periodicals, CD and Project.
  • Project thesis will not be issued to the students and staff members.
  • Periodicals will be issued only in the weekends.
  • Borrowing facility

S.No    Member Details              No. of Books    Loan Period

1.        Teaching Staff                   6                    90 days
2.        Non- Teaching Staff           2                    30 days
3.        M.Phil students                3                    30 days
4.        PG Students                    3                    14 days
5.        UG Students                    3                    14 days


  • Strict discipline should be maintained while coming to the college or returning home by the College bus.
  • Bus timings should be followed strictly. Coming to the concerned bus stop before 5 minutes will avoid unwanted problems.
  • Change of bus stop and buses will be made only by getting prior permission from the Principal by submitting the requisition letter through the Parent.
  • Students should adjust with the time delay caused due to any function of the college.