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  • Excellent transportation is one of the special features of our institution
  • Nadar Saraswathi College of Arts and Science, Theni is very keen on student’s safety in all aspects.
  • Transport facilities are provided the students in and around areas of Theni district from 1996 with one bus. Now it is extended to 25 buses, 2 vans and 1 winger with 51 trips from different areas in and around Theni.
  • Transportation plays vital role for increasing of student’s admission. This facility enables us to begin the classes on time and to maintain discipline among students.
  • The vehicles are the best of its kind, latest & confirm to environmental & safety norms.


  • Keen in time Management
  • Safe Travel to students
  • Maintaining seats availability for each student in travelling college bus.
  • To maintain students satisfaction
  • To hone students dignity and silence while in travel


  • Strict discipline should be maintained while coming to the college and returning home by the college bus.
  • Bus timings should be followed strictly. Coming to the concerned bus stop before 5 minutes will avoid unwanted problems.
  • Change of bus stop and buses will be made only by getting prior permission from the Principal through the Transport Dean by submitting the requisition letter from the parent.
  • Students should adjust with the time delay caused due to any function of the college.