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Principal’s Message

                 Our College strives to develop the skills of the students and to empower them to reach their true potential so that they can be active contributors to our society, both in their local community and beyond. Our success is built on the solid foundations and contributions of our community vital to our ongoing development.

                Our College has an extremely strong and proud culture of excellence in all aspects of a student’s education. We are providing to be a Centre of excellence in all learning areas and our ongoing success suggests that we are achieving our goals. As a recognized specialist our College is a leader in gifted and talented education in Theni district and also experiences outstanding success at major academic, sporting, music, debating and cultural events, at state, national, and international levels.

                  As a specialist provider of gifted education all of our faculty members undertake special professional development in providing for gifted students. This expertise is the perfect springboard to provide for all our students across the college. We strive to give all our students numerous opportunities to develop their individual interests and to cultivate their talents through enrichment, engagement and extra-curricular activities.

As we move into the future we will continue to strive to:

  • Develop Whole of Community Relationships with our community to building local education and training solutions and partnerships.
  • Treat people with respect that maximizes each student’s learning.
  • Provide Pastoral Care to assist students to become lifelong learners.
  • Maintain Action and Planning Cycles to ensure that we plan for improvement and add value to our students.


Dr.S.Chitra, M.Com. M.Phil. B.Ed., PGDCA., Ph.D., SET, D.Litt.